About Us

Our Story

The Philippines Football League Fans United (PFLFU!) Fan Group was created on the night of December 4, 2016 by a football fan (alias Jorex Cruz) who was not happy that local football news were few and hard to find even online. He created the group page on Facebook to enable and encourage fans of local football to share news and updates. He started inviting other football fans who were also excited about the national league that was being launched in March of the following year. Since then, the group has grown into the biggest and most active Philippine-based football fan community with a membership numbering in the thousands spread in more than 100 countries today.

House Rules
(Read before you participate in the forum)

1. The PFLFU group page was created as a forum where football fans can discuss topics about the Philippines Football League, local football, and other topics that may be related to the PFL organization, clubs, or people connected to it. The administrators and moderators will automatically delete any post that is unrelated to these topics.

2. Avoid clutter and keep in mind that we have members who are minors. The following will be deleted and the poster risks being removed or banned from the group:

– Offensive posts – Any mention or suggestion of rape and/or physical violence (including images of guns) will automatically be deleted.

– Obscene or foul images and language – Repetitive posts – Posts that only aim to provoke other members.(not to be confused with the usual sports bar banters)

– Advertisements that do not directly support or promote the PFL, PFL clubs, PFL players, PFL events, PFLFU and/or local football.

– Posts about a particular match outside the Match Thread!

3. Respect Intellectual Property rights. Posting of entire articles or substantial part of any article is not allowed. Provide citations as appropriate.

4. Posts featuring names, images, and/or pronouncements of politicians regardless of context and without exceptions, including any reference to projects, initiatives, or stories linked to any politician, will not be approved for posting on the PFLFU page at any time during an election season.

DISCLAIMER: PFLFU respects every member’s right to express sentiments and opinion and all sides in any issue are given opportunities to be heard within the limits set in our rules. Approved posts and comments in the group page do not necessarily reflect the views of its Administrators and Moderators.