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[Sticky] Mendiola FC 1991

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Mendiola FC 2022 Season Roster:

Marvin Jake Bricenio

Christopher Villanueva Jr

Lorenzo Gatinao Sabado Jr

Reinhard Colasito

Victor Carlos Felicia

JR Sandoval

Stephen Appiah

Miguel Artillera

Maximo Carlos

Eldwin Escosora

Junior Sam

Franky Miguel

Jaime Chio Mitra

Jessie Reil Semblante

Aron Altiche

Jerome Marzan

Kenneth Payosalan 

Carlos Victor Felix

Michael Asong

Alassane Wade

Kim Minsu

Franco De La Torre

Jim Ashley Flores

Hamed Hajimahdi

Martin Salilig

Jimson Crestal

Mariano Suba Jr.

Eric Manlapas

Aljo Zabala

Marco Cauyong

Louie Joshua Polinag

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Mendiola 1991 seeks to redeem itself after a dismal showing last year. It failed to notch a point in the group stage and suffered a harrowing 9-0 loss to the ADT. At the very least, things shouldn’t go that bad this time around.

“We just started training three weeks ago,” said Mendiola player Hamed Hajihmadi. “But we have some new players and some players from 2019, who came back again to Mendiola… We just want to do something, not like last Copa. We had very bad results…

“I hope everything will go well for us.”

Topic starter Posted : 13/03/2022 1:39 pm
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PFL: Clarino bros drag Maharlika past Mendiola ’91 for first Copa win

Topic starter Posted : 21/03/2022 12:15 pm